Friday, 4 October 2013

I was in love once

I was in love once

This is how it started

The constant need to feel connected

And the helpless feeling

When the hours go by without a word

It scares me to think

It’s starting all over again

I’m falling in love with you

I can’t help it

I’m sure it shows in the way

I look at you

I think you may love me too

It’s 2 am and we keep saying

Our goodbyes

Without actually putting the phone down

I don’t understand it

Why did it have to be you?

It’s too soon

 I wasn’t ready for you

I want this to be perfect

Oh let me shut up

And let this happen

Let me imagine all the naughty things

Let me want you

Let me not deny it

This is how it started

And it will end in a connection