Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Carrying around this pain

I have been carrying around this pain
It hurts so much and the tears won't come out
And a huge lump develops in the depth of my throat
I never used to be like this
And I'm not saying it's your fault
Well in fact it is
I was whole before I met you
And now I am broken into pieces
It hurts to carry around so much pain
And to still have to face each day with a smile
A bonjour here and a bonjour there
I can't get the thought of you and her out of my mind
I can't get the thought of me and him out of my mind
This path we chose
Look what it's done to us
I want to say I trust you, but I don't
I want to say I'll be there tomorow, but I can't
Now I'm a victim of my unforgiving heart
Now I can't let it go
Yes I fight
I fight to let it go
But everytime I call you
I feel she's next to you
I feel like I am not enough
It hurts to carry around so much pain
To still smile and lie that
I've let go.

                                                                                                                         Par: Chiedza Mebe

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